About the You Are Not Broken Podcast

My mission is to empower women to live their best love lives. Combining the power of mind-work, body-science and relationships, I joyously break down the societal barriers that are keeping us from living our best intimate lives.

Whether you are young or past menopause, single or in a long-term bond, it is never too late or too early to realize YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. With humor, candor and ease, I break down the stories that we have been told about being sexual beings, to help us play, explore, and normalize our lives. Nothing in this podcast is personal medical advice, of course.

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I really am NOT BROKEN!

I am so glad I found this podcast! Nobody tells you this stuff when you are younger and I have 5 sisters!!! I’m 56 and have felt “broken” for a year now. I am thrilled and feeling confident in all the things I have learned and feel better about my menopausal symptoms and what I can do about them. A must listen to podcast! (My husband appreciates you too! 😂)

Highly recommended by this sex therapist!

As a sex therapist, I love having this resource for my clients. I love Dr Casperson’s advocacy for starting open conversations that often happen in the shadows. I love ditching the shame and embarrassment, and working towards healing. She covers a variety of engaging topics with so many awesome guests.

One of my favorite pods!

I’m so glad I found Dr. Casperton. She is so needed and I have a feeling that she is going to be huge in the realm of women and sexuality sooner than she even realizes it. Such an important topic that hasn’t been talked about for too many years. We need this sort of information. Too many of us have felt broken when we are completely normal.

Extremely helpful

As a 51-year-old menopausal woman who USED to have a healthy sex drive, married to a man in his mid-40s with a very hearty sexual appetite, my lack of sexual desire and the painful intercourse had me very depressed. I was so happy to find this informative podcast that offers advice and explanation to this change that nobody wants to talk about. I am now hopeful.