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I teach women about sex.

 I am a urologist. A woman. A wife. I have advanced training in pelvic medicine and surgery. Women cry in my office every week. Their confidence is broken. They don’t desire intimacy. Or they desire better intimacy. No tools learned in medical school prepared me for the wave of women that are hungry for help and education. So I pursued even more education. Sexual health. Intimacy. The science of desire and female sexual response. Coaching and mind work. I am self taught. Now it is my job to teach others.  Because I can’t teach women one on one in my clinic and expect to touch a drop in the ocean of this need. Please join me. Because You Are Not Broken.

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The You Are Not Broken Podcast. Where we combine science, education and psychology to help women live their best love lives.  

My Class

Did you get a sex education that serves you and your partner? Or did you get a third grade education that only had the goal of disease and pregnancy prevention? Time to learn sex education the right way. For adults. To benefit you. 

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Desire Types

There are two desire types.  Spontaneous and reactive/responsive.  Spontaneous is what we think we should have. Even when we worked all day, the dog is sick and a big work project is looming later this week.  BUT...reactive desire is what is common, normal and what the majority of women in long term relationships have as we age.  See, are you starting to realize that you are not broken?

Limiting Beliefs

I am broken. I shouldn't enjoy sex. I can't get any better at sex. I have lost my desire.  It is my partner's job to give me pleasure. All of these statements are just beliefs. Not facts.  Limiting beliefs that keep you from living your best love life. Come get coached. Change your brain. Changing your thoughts can change your life! I'll show you how!

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